Spray Tans

Beautiful, safe and healthy tans

Preparing for your Spray Tan

  • Make you appointment 1-3 days before the day you want your tan to appear at its best.
  • Exfoliate your skin the day prior to your spray tan appointment.
  • Shower before your appointment and leave skin COMPLETELY product free. If you cant go without the makeup/perfume, bring babywipes.
  • Wear/bring loose dark clothing to you appointment (eg. Black maxi dress with thongs).
  • After being sprayed, you will need to wait at least 8-12 hours before exercising or getting wet/showering (unless you choose a 2 hour tan, where you could shower 2 hours after being sprayed).

Caring for your Spray Tan

  • Limit water exposure where possible. keep showers short, water lukewarm, use creamy P.H balanced soap and don’t do anything that will remove the top layer of your skin (eg, hair removal, exfoliating). Pat skin dry instead of rubbing
  • Keep your body moisturized over the next few days. You body will naturally shed skin cells, but if you keep your skin hydrated the patchiness will be reduced and the tan will fade better. Do not use gradual tans puchased over the counter. We have a range of professional tan extenders to be used with spray tans as they have lower DHA levels and wont turn you yellow!
  • Avoid heavy exercise or anything that will create a lot of rubbing on a concentrated area of your skin.
  • Products with chemicals will fade/remove your tan. Avoid swimming in pools and going in spas.

All Full-Body Tans: $25
5 Trip Saver: $115
10 Trip Saver: $200